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Book you call now !!! This zoom class will advance any knowledge you have on sewing. You will be learning to sew as well as learning to make 3 different styles of essential mask styles. You will acquire successful skills with technique & formats also work with a pattern. There is a package that includes a new sewing machine ships to your door, video classes start once you reserve your new sewing machine. Their is also a package for those with their own sewing machines. You will learn to thread your sewing machine along with how to use different stitches. We will also start your first of many projects. I will teach you to make 3 beginner style essential mask. If it’s for a business idea or to protect your family sewing is now a excellent skill to have & a great way to keep busy and help at the same time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at poisonedpink85@gmail.com payments can also be accepted by cash app. Class Scheduling is very flexible dates need to be scheduled At time of purchase. Rescheduling fee may apply 3 time maximum rescheduling fee is $14.99

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